Snoring keeping you awake??

Tried everything?  Our anti-snoring mouthguard WORKS

Anti-Snoring Mouthguard

An invention born of desperation...

Hello. My name is Chris.  I have a problem… I snore terribly!  My wife and kids complain that I keep them awake, but I don’t hear a thing!  Finally though, I had to do something about it, especially when traveling together with my wife in a single hotel room or cabin, cause I still like her!

I came up with a comfortable device that keeps your airway open and stops the snoring noise when we breathe in while sleeping. Easy to use, comfortable and simple.

We’ve tried everything else from breathe-right strips, to chinstraps, to mouthguards with little screens to hold your lips open – nothing worked.

Once you put the mouthguard in your mouth, you can’t even make the snoring noise in your throat! Easy to put in and out and comfortable – just trim to right size for you the first time you wear it and then you’ll be good all night.

I also have a sleep kit to go with the mouthguard with nose clips, ear plugs and a white noise machine. Sometimes I snore through my nose too, so the nose clips direct air through my mouth.  Then the ear plugs and white noise machine block out almost all other noise for my wife. The machine gives a soothing background noise to the room so you don’t hear traffic, neighbours, lawn mowers or other disrupting noises for a light sleeper!

Use when you need it, whether it’s daily or just on trips - it looks awkward, but it works. 


Winnipeg Home and Garden Show a Successful Weekend

Winnipeg Home and Garden Show a Successful Weekend

Chris spent 4 days at the Winnipeg Home and Garden Show and it was a very successful weekend for our products! 
Aeroflow Medical auditions for Dragon's Den!

Aeroflow Medical auditions for Dragon's Den!

The audition in March went well... We're holding our breaths and hoping we get picked!  Stay tuned ...
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We are now on Facebook!

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